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    Injections to relax the muscles that create fine lines and wrinkles. Areas that can be treated include crows feet, "elevens", forehead lines among other areas.

    Why cosmetics?

    In my surgical practice, I realized that the cosmetic appearance of what I was doing mattered to me as well. After completing specialized training in cosmetic injections, the aesthetics portion of my practice was born and has continued to grow. I enjoy helping patients achieve a refreshed look by minimizing the appearance of fine lines without changing the facial structure (keeping their normal appearance). I also have a "down to earth" approach to make my patients feel comfortable and less anxious.

    Products: Botox and Xeomin (when I travel, I use Xeomin as it does not need to be refrigerated until it has been reconstituted). Active ingredient is botulinum toxin.

    Breast Care

    Breast cancer: Treatment of breast cancer (I help coordinate a team approach to assure you are taken care of every step of the way). Patients can meet with me individually or with a team of physicians.

    Why special interest in breast?

    The diagnosis of breast cancer can be a highly emotional/stressful time in someones life. I am able to provide a comfortable and calm environment for patients to learn more about their specific diagnosis. I listen to my patients thoughts/concerns and I work together with my patients to create the best plan for treatment and cure.

    Benign breast problems (benign masses, breast infections etc)

    General surgery:
    gallbladder surgery, robotic hernia repairs, colon surgery (colon cancer, diverticulitis etc), appendectomy

    Scheduling / Location:

    Please call or text my cellphone: 928-890-4167
    Location: 77 W. Forest Ave Suite 201, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

    Horse show scheduling/location for cosmetic injections: call/text my phone and I will come to you!

    Dr. Kate Preston